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For all Guests:

  • Check In: Guests are expected and requested to proceed to the village area or occupy room only after proper registration at the front Desk. This is very important! In case you have managed to get past to your rooms without getting the check-in formalities, well, we appreciate your stealthy ninja skills! However, it is highly recommended to properly complete the formalities. Non-completion of check-in formalities shall result in cancellation of your booking at the sole discretion of The RurBan Village management; do so at your own risk

    Day Outing : Check in at 9:30 PM Check out at: 5:00 PM Same day
    Evening Outing: Check in at 3:00 PM Check out at: 9:00 PM Same day
    Luxury Accommodation : Check in at 1:00 PM Check out at: 11:00 AM Next day

  • Bills: All bills must be settled prior to arrival or on entry to Rurban Resort. Any bill so raised during the stay must be settled when presented. No Cash, no worries! we accept credit, debit cards. We also allow credit facilities to certain companies at management discretion.
    In case of default in payment of dues by a guest(s), the management reserves the right to detain all luggages and belongings. Yes absolutely loves your dressing sense!
  • Meals : Buffet: For guests opting for buffet, all meals at The RurBan Village follow a strict time schedule (Time is money they say!).Guests are requested to follow the schedule at all times. The RurBan Village management reserves the right to decline services or levy additional charges in case the Guests do not avail their meals within prescribed timings.
    Rasoi- in Dining area: Ala Carte menu is also available in Rasoi- dining hall as per chef selection and availability. In case of placing ala carte order, please inform the kitchen well in advance. Food is prepared fresh on demand of the customer. Because of the village area and remote and peaceful location some food items as per menu may not be available. We will however, try our best to provide you with your order or suggest an alternate as per availability.
  • Right to Require Guest to Vacate: The management reserves the right of admission. The management reserves the right to entry, hold, cancel, restrict, terminate or forfeit to request any guest to vacate his or her room at any moment without previous notice or to assign any reason for such request. Going beyond hotel boundaries is not recommended. Guests do so, at their own risk.
    Don’t be scarred, some rules are meant for the extra-ordinarily notorious ones among use. We hope you are not one of those are you?
  • Pets: We love animals and are keen to show our love for them. However, we are not yet ready for public display of affection. We are working on it and will welcome pets soon.
    Until then, pets are strictly not allowed at Rurban Resort. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Cooking and Outside Food: Hey there master chef! We would love to taste the sumptuous food you cook. However, let us serve you first. Fresh food is always available at request in the Rasoi. Feel free to contact Rasoi and get your food prepared or enjoy the Buffet. No outside food is permitted to be consumed in any of our food and beverage outlets.
    Cooking in the rooms in any manner, including electric stoves or kettle or any electric appliance is strictly prohibited.
  • Electricity: Enjoying the village atmosphere and ambience, comes at a marginal cost. Electricity supply at The RurBan Village may be erratic due to the rural area and rural electric feeder. While power back up is in place, the same takes some human effort to kick in. While we are at it, do enjoy the sounds of nature and get to know your friends and family outside the digital world.
  • Custody of Guest’s Belongings: Guests are requested to take care of their of belongings. Accommodation guests are requested to lock the doors of their rooms for your own privacy and safety of your belongings.
    While it will be our endeavour to keep your belongings safe, at times people get the best of us. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for the loss of your goods or any property due to neglect or any other cause, nor for damage thereto. God save us all.
  • Inspection of Guest and Luggage: The management reserves it right to inspect any guest or their property at anytime without any prior notice. This is for your safety and the safety of others. The management reserves it right to take appropriate actions, if the guest or their luggage has anything suspicious or anything not allowed as per law or these rules.
  • Animals/House Insects: Interact with animals under the supervision of the caretaker. We regularly perform organic and natural pest control in the village but sometimes there may be insects, rodents, wasps, etc. owing to hundreds of acres of land and damp soil which act as natural habitat for such creatures. So, if you see any such insect or rodent, please do not panic, inform the service staff and we will take care of it.
  • No Alcohol: Here to enjoy life and the natural beauty? You will love it more in all your senses. So don’t lose your sense over a glass of alcohol.
    Drinking of alcohol, or any intoxicant or any drug is strictly prohibited inside Rurban Resort.
  • No Smoking: We understand the urge. Please see around, can you feel the fresh air? Would you like to spoil it with a smoke? We would not, and request you to avoid smoking during your stay at The RurBan Village.
    Smoking in room is strictly prohibited. This is because the thatched roofs and tent cloth are highly combustible. Smoking in and around the rooms can result in fire. Please also avoid throwing cigarettes in the room.
  • No Guns or Firearms: Gun or firearms are strictly prohibited anywhere inside the resort. Any guest found with any gun or firearms shall be asked to vacate the property immediately.
  • House Help/ Drivers: House help, house maids, drivers arenot allowed inside the premises.Accommodation and food can be provided for house help/drivers on prior request and upon payment of additional charges as applicable subject to availability.
  • Damage to Hotel Property: We all like to enjoy and get the best of our vacations. So do we! It is also important to be a responsible visitor and appreciate the efforts going into the management of Rurban Resort.
    Guests are requested to be cautious and aware of their surroundings. Guests are requested to take utmost consideration and not to harm or damage any property of Rurban Resort.
    In case of any damage or harm caused by the Guest to the movable or immovable property of Rurban Resort, the Guest shall be held responsible. Until the damages are paid, Rurban Resort reserves it right to respectfully detain the person.
  • Accidents: While it will be our endeavour to keep you safe, at times the situation is out of control. The management shall not be responsible for any accidents caused in any manner whether by electrical gadgets, fire, mechanical appliances etc. or by natural causes including acts of God resulting in either loss or damage to guests and/their property.
  • Gambling, Cards and Music: Indian government rules prohibit playing cards or any gambling activities in the room.
    While we all here love music and love to dance at the first opportunity, think about the person next door. The use of private music devices or other musical instrument is strictly restricted. DJ if availed is restricted till 10:00 PM as per government regulations.
    You are free to request our staff to put your choice of music near the stage area, Rasoi or any other place as per our property manager discretion. They will be more than have to dance and sing with you!
    Any activity pertaining to paedophilia or any audio / video material pertaining child Pornography is strictly prohibited by law within the premise.
  • Visitors: We understand you are here to relax and not attend to visitors. Therefore, meeting to visitors is strictly limited to cases of emergency. Meeting with visitors are restricted to the lounge area near front desk/reception. No visitors are allowed in the rooms or village area at any time during day or night unless prior permission taken from the front desk. We request guests not to shift / disturb the furniture in front area for holding discussions.
  • Relation Between Management and Guests: We are more than just friends. However, nothing herein before contained shall be deemed to constitute the relation of landlord and tenant between the management of Rurban Resort, and any Guests or visitor. The Management shall always be deemed to be in possession and control of the whole of the premises.
  • Swaach Bharat: See the natural beauty all around? We are dedicated not only to protect it but the surrounding of Rurban Resort but are dedicatedly following the Swaach Bharat initiative. Carry as little plastic as possible. Dispose trash in the dustbins placed at The RurBan Village. Do not leave behind any non-biodegradable waste. Do not litter the environment.

Special for Accommodation Guests in addition to above:

  • Meals Room Service: Let’s get those taste buds satisfied! Although there is buffet available as per your package, we understand not all people are the same. Please refer our In-Room Dining menu to place your orders. For in room service, there may be some delay in delivery as the food is prepared fresh. Additionally, keeping in mind the size of our property, delivery of food from kitchen to the comfort of your room takes some time. Please be patient, your order is on its way.
  • Loss of Key: Your room key is your gateway to your adobe. Keep it save and secure with you at all times. In case a key is lost when asked for at the time of check out or any time, an unconditional penalty of Rs. 1,200/- will be charged payable immediately.
  • Exclusive Access of Jal Tarang and Putting Golf Course for Accommodation Guests : Most of us simply love to get a dip in the pool and beat the heat. Before doing so, please go through the rules mentioned next to the Jal Tarang for your safety. Guests staying in Rurban Resort are allowed to use the swimming pool at no extra charge. Swimming pool is not available with day outing package.
    Guests are requested to carry one pair of swimming costumes. We like your swim suit too. But, please do not flaunt it anywhere expect the swimming pool area. Changing facilities are available by the swimming pool.
    Do enjoy our leisurely and relaxing putting golf course as well. The Golf course is for fun and not meant for professional players. Guests are requested to be composed while striking the ball. Any loss of the ball shall be chargeable at INR. 500/-.
    Please deposit refundable security at the time of taking games equipment. Any activity/service not covered in the package may be provided at extra cost, if possible. Sometimes, some activities may not be available for reasons beyond our control.
  • Air-Conditioning: Feeling hot? Let us know, there are air conditioners installed in your room. Avoid opening the windows as the same can attract insects, etc. The removal of such insects from the rooms takes considerable time and effort. For a peaceful stay, it is suggested that windows be kept closed at all times.
    But you need fresh air? We understand and suggest to walk out for a stroll and get that heart pumping and fill those lungs with some fresh air!

Special for all:

  • Act of God: Natural calamities or unforeseen circumstances are beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for any injury that might occur to any guest or their property while their visit/ stay with us. May the Lord have mercy upon us all!
  • Amendment of Rules: The management reserves to itself the right to add, alter or amend any of the above and rules.
  • Government Rules and Regulation: Guests are requested to observe the Government rules and regulation in force from time to time. All guests are subject to existing local laws and Rurban Resort rules and regulations.
  • All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.

Booking and Payment:

  • Booking will be considered confirmed only upon 100% payment in advance.
  • “Cancellation and refund are not possible”
  • Please be sure to bring printed tickets and a valid ID with you on the scheduled arrival date. Entry will not be permitted without tickets. Concessional prices for kids will be provided only upon furnishing government issued document evidencing age of the child. Failure to do so will attract full price.
  • Any activity/service not covered in the package may be provided at extra cost, if possible.