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Pre-Wedding Shoots
  • Pre-Wedding Event near delhi
  • Pre-Wedding Event near delhi
  • Pre-Wedding Event near delhi
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Best Pre Wedding Locations Near In Delhi NCR, Noida & Ghaziabad

There is something inherently beautiful about a pre-wedding shoot. The excitement of getting married, the beginning of a new life, lots of undercurrent emotions, and yes, of course, love!

All of this is worth capturing for the priceless memories to cherish throughout life! But for a photo shoot to be special, its backdrop needs to be unique and appealing. Rurban Resort is one of the best pre-wedding venues giving you that touch apart from the rest! The rustic village alongside the up class accommodation faci

lity is a perfect combination for making those memorable scenes!

Not only that several activities and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets give that awe factor to those pre-wedding shoots! A story to cherish and remember for life!

Let us be a part of your special occasion. Call us @ +7457000870 to book your pre - wedding venue near delhi today!

Services we offer

  • pre-wedding destinations in delhi
    Light and Flower Decoration
  • pre-wedding destinations near delhi
    Multi cuisine Menu to choose your favorite dishes from
  • pre-wedding destinations in delhi ncr
    DJ Music
  • pre-wedding destinations
    Rajasthani Folk Dance and Music
  • Romantic getaways
    Swimming Pool
  • Romantic getaways near delhi
  • Romantic getaways near delhi ncr
    Cocktail and snack counters
  • Romantic getaways in delhi
    Host for the night
  • Romantic getaways in delhi
    Total Capicity 800 Person