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‘RurBan’ is the amalgam of ‘RURal’ and ‘urBAN’. The aim behind Rurban Resort is to get people to know the importance of nature, and rural living – which helps promote and conserve the environment. That is promoting environmentally responsible travelling while you enjoy an amazing weekend getaway. Don’t worry, we keep in mind all the urban necessities in today’s world and make sure your travel is leisurely.

In this swift-footed world of technology and modernization, in order to achieve success and luxuries, we are bound to live in the cities full of hustle and bustle. All the city hustle has left us into forgetting the importance of nature and rural life – which is necessary for sustainability of the environment.

Remember the days we used to enjoy our holidays, by experiencing beautiful mornings, fresh air, petrichor of the soil, cattle, fields, different games, bathing under tube-well, tales by granny and of course delicious meals of their hand and so much fun! Our ambition to reconnect to rural life amidst a natural setting gave birth to the idea of “Rurban Resort ''.

A visit to Rurban Resort not only makes you feel relaxed, but it will also make you feel revived and refreshed for the days to come. Rurban Resort is determined and dedicated to protect and preserve the natural environment and we are deeply concerned to bring harmony in nature. We have tried to incorporate activities that are nature friendly such as - solar energy to generate electricity, vermi composting , use of drip irrigation to conserve water and planted over 70,000 trees and plants to promote afforestation.

We are passionate about promoting and enhancing the “Go Green” culture which is harboured in our moto to provide each guest with “a better life” (ekum sukham jeevanam) . We welcome you to experience rural life, entertainment, sports, and cultural activities! We invite you to join us to promote nature conservation and to maintain the spirit of rural India while enjoying and experiencing an amazing weekend getaway!

Heartfelt Namaste!

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