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Book Best Luxury Nature Village Resorts For Couple And Family Near Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad & Noida

Rurban Resort offers the most exquisite and Glam(orous)-(Cam)ping experience that is one of the best Luxury Accommodation of all time. Rurban Resort offers one of the best luxury resorts near Delhi, Ghaziabad & Noida, with options to stay ranging from Swiss Tents to Eco Mud Cottages!

Behold the beauty of an unblemished paradise and relish the glamping experience alongside experiential one day outing & adventure activities near Delhi. Walk in the stunning nature to discover unparalleled luxury with all the comforts of modern-day living at the Best resorts near Delhi. Rurban Resort is your best bet for a Luxury Accommodation and Weekend Getaway experience near Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad & Noida.

Our Luxury resort new Delhi has an accommodation area that in itself is an exquisite piece to marvel at and enjoy a mesmerizing sun sunset during your stay at your preferred Luxury Accommodation.

Each accommodation option is based on three tiers; personal lawn, patio and finally the tent, made up of high-quality canvas. This in facts Rurban Resort apart from other accommodation options near Delhi and makes it one of the best Nature village resorts near Delhi, Ghaziabad & Noida.

At Rurban Resort - Luxury Nature village resort near Delhi guests get various stay options to choose from. Some of the Stay options available at Rurban Resort Luxury Resort are as below:

Royal Eco Mud Cottages

Our Royal Eco Mud Cottages are built ground up with earthy elements and covered up top with thatched roofs. The thatch acts as a natural insulator keeping the interiors cool on a hot day and warm on a chilly winter night.

The natural environment and habitat around the cottages allow you to slip into the comfortable cloud-like bedding and wake up to the sound of chirping birds welcoming you to begin a new day.

The highlight of this room is open to sky jacuzzi which is for a relaxing and rejuvenating Weekend Getaway! An option available only at one of the best Luxury resorts near Delhi !

Family Eco Mud Cottages

Our Family Eco Mud Cottages are more spacious with two twin beds. This room can comfortably accommodate 4 people. Perfect for the laid back family Weekend Getaways and get those gossip and long discussions rolling!

This is an option available only at the Best resorts near Delhi, Ghaziabad & Noida!

Eco Mud Cottages

Eco Mud Cottages at Rurban Resort are built ground up with earthy elements and top covered up with natural thatched roofs. Which act as a insulation to keep the temperatures inside your choice of Luxury Accommodation cool on a hot day and warm on a chilly winter night.

The interiors are decorated traditionally with antique furniture and colorful paintings, creating a vibrant mood!

Swiss Tents

Our Luxury tents are pitched using high quality canvas. The interiors are designed traditional yet beautifully to give you an ethnic feel to your Luxury Accommodation, to experience Rural living amidst urban lifestyle, a Glamping experience near Delhi NCR will cherish you for a lifetime!

If you are looking to rest your legs after an all day excursion, the weekend getaway near Delhi NCR at Rurban Resort is one of the best luxury Nature village resorts near delhi, Ghaziabad & Noida to be!

There are plenty of resorts near Ghaziabad, but Rurban Resort is one of the best nature village resorts. Spending a weekend at our resort will give you the smooth experience ever. We have a specially designed mud house decorated with modern amenities. We can bet we are the best luxury resort near Delhi.

When it comes to booking the best Luxury resorts near Delhi & Ghaziabad, most people choose Rurban Resort as we can take your campaign or outing experience to a whole new level. As one of the Best resorts for couple and family, we make sure that you are enjoying a comfortable stay with us. When you are with us, you will explore different stay options, such as royal eco mud cottage, family eco mud cottage, swiss tent, and more. If you are looking for a perfect Nature village resort with all the modern facilities, book Rurban Resort now.

We offer packages that are easy on the pocket, so what are you waiting for? Dial our number and book one for your coming weekend!!

Enjoy our ambiance, food and allow you to serve you the best!

  • weekend getaway near Delhi NCR11 rooms
  • Luxury resorts in DelhiRooms starting from 512 sq. ft. with 180 sq. ft. of personal lawn.
  • Luxury resorts Delhi NCREthnic interiors with modern amenities.
  • Luxury resortsJaltarang – Swimming pool at the center of our accommodation.
  • Luxury accommodation in Delhi2 rooms with open the sky Jacuzzi
  • Luxury accommodation Near Delhi24 hour parking and security.
  • Best resorts near delhi8 pocket putting golf course.
  • weekend getaway near Delhi NCRMesmerizing sunrise and sunset.
  • Luxury resorts near delhiNatural retreat – more than 15 species of birds and several fauna varieties.
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