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Birthday, Pool and Anniversaries Parties Near Delhi

Birthday Parties
  • Birthday event near delhi
  • Birthday event near delhi
  • Birthday event near delhi
  • Birthday event near delhi
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Book Best Birthday Party Venues & Places Near In Delhi NCR, Noida & Ghaziabad

So, you completed 365 revolutions around the earth! Many congratulations! Time to head off to the next spin in style with Rurban Resort!

Bring in the celebration in style, be it Birthday parties or anniversaries!

Forget about the stresses of planning the special occasion and leave the organizing part to us! Every detail will be taken care of by us to suit your taste. The meals, décor, customer service leave it to us while you enjoy and make memories to remember!

Pool Parties

Too hot? So are we! Bring in the summers with our scintillating swimming pool – The Jal Tarang nestled in between our Tents and Cottages giving you the perfect reason to stay with us for that extra-long celebration and party till you get tired to the bone!

Let us be a part of your special occasion. Call us @ +7457000870 to book your best birthday party venues & places near In Delhi NCR, Noida & Ghaziabad and Best Event Places Near Delhi today!

Services we offer

  • pre-wedding destinations in delhi
    Light and Flower Decoration
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    Multi cuisine Menu to choose your favorite dishes from
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    DJ Music
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    Rajasthani Folk Dance and Music
  • Romantic getaways
    Swimming Pool
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    Cocktail and snack counters
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    Host for the night
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    Total Capicity 800 Person